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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Could We Do to Normalize High Creatinine In Blood

What Could We Do to Normalize High Creatinine In BloodHigh creatinine level in blood is a concern for all the kidney disease carriers. Elevated creatinine level not only signifies decline of kidney function, but also means we are moving toward dialysis. However, if we can normalize creatinine level or keep it close to the reference value, we can successfully avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. Well then, what could we do to normalize high creatinine?

To normalize high creatinine level in blood, the following measures are needed:

-tight control of blood pressure and blood sugar

Both persistent high blood pressure and high blood sugar are harmful for kidney. They damage renal tissues and impair kidney function. That is why people living with Hypertension and Diabetes are running high risk for kidney problem. More and more creatinine stay in blood when kidneys shut down, so to normalize high creatinine level, tight control of blood pressure and blood sugar is needed to prevent further harm on kidney.

-strengthen kidney is also a must to normalize high creatinine in blood

Creatinine actually is a waste produce which needs to be removed out of the body through kidney. Weak or damaged kidney can not work normally to remove the excess one, leading to elevation of serum creatinine level. Therefore, if we want to keep creatinine level in or close to normal range, we need to strengthen kidney firstly. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment that not only helps to protect healthy kidney tissues, but also repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. All the herbs are externally used to promote kidney health, so it is known as a natural remedy.

-arrange a kidney-friendly diet

Weak kidneys are damaged easily, so in such a case, we need to take some kidney-friendly foods and try to avoid foods that may increase kidney burden. In general, attention to salt intake, potassium intake, calcium intake as well as phosphorus intake is necessary. There is general dietary principles in kidney disease, but exact diet plan like what foods to eat and what foods to avoid should be made on the basis of specific illness condition. Here, you can ask online doctor for help about individual diet suggestions.

In a word, elevation of serum creatinine is a clinical manifestation of kidney impairment. If we want to normalize high creatinine level or keep it close to reference value, we need to start from strengthening kidney and improve kidney function.

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