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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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How High Must Your Creatinine Level Be Before You are Put on Dialysis

How High Must Your Creatinine Level Be Before You are Put on DialysisHow high must your creatinine level be before you are put on dialysis? It is widely known that creatinine level in blood reflects kidney function and also helps to determine whether dialysis is needed, but few of us know how high the serum creatinine level should be before one starts dialysis.

Before telling the answer about how high the serum creatinine level must be before dialysis, let’s firstly understand why serum creatinine level in blood is put into consideration before one starts dialysis.

Creatinine is a substance produced during the consumption of meat, including dietary meat and muscle. It belongs to small molecular substance and can pass through kidney freely while flowing through kidney with blood. Kidneys filter blood in normal condition. When they are damaged and can not filter blood as well as they did before, some creatinine will build up in blood. That is why high serum creatinine level indicates kidney problem in medicine.

Increasing of serum creatinine level indicates declining of kidney function, which also signifies buildup of toxins in blood. Dialysis is a very effective way to get wastes out of the blood in few hours, so it is considered when serum creatinine level becomes very high. However, how high must your creatinine level be before you are put on dialysis?

Actually, due to the physical difference, our body have different response toward toxins in our body. For an instance, some kidney failure patients have severe discomforts like nausea, vomiting and skin itching when creatinine level goes up to 6 or so. Under such a condition, dialysis is needed as soon as possible to alleviate these symptoms. However, some other patients may have no symptoms at all, even if when their serum creatinine is as high as 8. In such a case, dialysis can be delayed. There is no such an exact number that say one must start dialysis, but generally, dialysis is considered when serum creatinine increases to be the level higher than 5.

Lastly, dialysis is the quickest way to cleanse blood, but not the only way. Besides it, many other therapies can be used alone or together to purify blood. As long as there is way to keep blood clean, dialysis can be avoided.

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