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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Are the Home Remedies for High Creatinine Level

What Are the Home Remedies for High Creatinine LevelWhat are the home remedies for high creatinien level? Much more attention should be attached when there is high creatinine level, because it always indicates serious kidney problem. Medical treatment is usually needed to promote kidney health and reduce the level, so as to prevent or delay kidney failure. Well, are there any home remedies for high creatinine level? If yes, what are they?

It is true there are some home remedies for high creatinine level and they go as below:

1. Increase fluid intake to flush out creatinine from the kidney

High fluid intake is a way for slightly increased creatinine level, but this is only helpful for kidney disease patients whose illness is mildly stage and meanwhile they have no swelling problem. For these who have swelling or edema, they need to limit fluid intake, so as to avoid adding burden on kidney.

2. Drink some tea helps to reduce creatinine level in blood.

Chamomile tea and stinging nettle tea are the most common tea that can help to reduce serum creainine level in blood. Besides reduce high serum creatinine level, they also have lots of other health benefits such as increase urine output, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

3. Proper herb usage also helps to reduce high creatinine level

Some herbs such as cinnamon dandelion and siberian Ginseng also help to lower the creatinine level, but the usage of them must be under doctor’s direction, because improper usage of them might causes lots of health tissues.

4. Some herbs also can be applied to control serum creatinine level

Herbs like dandelion root and cinnamon are of great medical function. Proper usage of them helps to remove excess creatinine in the blood, so as to achieve the medical goal of reducing high serum creatinine level.

5. Limit meat and physical activities

Creatinine is the end production of meat, including dietary meat and muscle, so we need to limit meat and physical activities, so as to avoid further elevation of serum creatinine level.

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