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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor


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Diabetics with Itching Problems

Diabetics with Itching ProblemsDiabetes develops gradually and have many symptoms.While itching problems is one of obvious symptoms in the early period.Sometime you feel itchy in the whole body or itching problems occurs in some parts.Therefore many diabetics feel uncomfortable with itching problems.

Follow our descriptions and you’ll find the reasons and solutions for diabetics with itching problems.

Why do patients suffer from itching problems?

1.Diabetics have high blood sugar in their vessels.So blood sugar in the skin provokes nerve ending and becomes dysfunction.

2.As we all know,diabetics urinate frequently.Although diabetics drink lots of water, chronic dehydration occurs consistently.Therefore,skin is short of water on the appearance and itching feelings follow.

3.When kidney disease is in the end-stage renal disease or kidney failure,itching problems occurs.

4.Diabetics with itching problems react to outside stimuli sensitively such as weather,drinking alcohol or having some spicy food.

The solutions for diabetics with itching problems are as follows:

1.Have a good mood and control blood sugar.

It is essential for diabetics with itching problems to keep a good mood.Because good mood improves immunity.Some dietary tips should be followed such as adjusting diet,forbidding spicy food,stop smoking and stop alcohol.Keeping blood sugar in a normal range is also helpful for controlling itching problems.

2.Have a shower properly

You’d better have a shower every week.The temperature keeps at the range of 37 degrees to 40 degrees.You can use soap to have a shower.After having shower,you can have some skin scream.

3.Go to hospital regularly

If itching problems become seriously or keep still,you’d better go to hospital regularly,follow doctor’s directions,cooperate with doctor’s treatment and take medicines reasonable.

We hope our descriptions solves your problems immediately and according to reasons of itching problems,you’ll choose suitable treatment.

If you are interested in our therapies,email to with your informations in detail.We are happy to give you a hand to defeat diabetes.

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