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Diabetic Nephropathy

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Foamy Urine and High Blood Sugar

Foamy Urine and High Blood SugarFoamy urine should be a concern for patients with years of high blood sugar, because it may indicate serious kidney problem. In medicine, foamy uinre is the clinical manifestation of proteinuria which refers to the presence of excessive protein in urine. Many illnesses can cause protein in urine or foamy urine and persistent high blood sugar is one of them. Therefore, when an individual with long time high blood pressure notice foams in urine, tests for kidney will be needed by him to see if he is suffering kidney problem.

How is high blood sugar associated with foamy urine?

A normal blood sugar level ranges from 70mg/dl to 120mg/dl (milligrams of sugar to deciliters of blood). When blood sugar level is higher than the normal range, kidney will produce more urine to excrete excess glucose in blood. This is the reason why diabetics need to go to urinate frequently. GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is an indicator used to measure how well the kidney functions. For people with high blood sugar, if they do medical test, test reports will show high GFR level, which means kidneys are working hardly. Long-term hard work will damage kidney and causes decline of GFR. Low GFR means kidney function is affected seriously.

What to do when foamy urine is caused by high blood pressure?

For people with years of high blood sugar, appearance of foamy urine indicate impairment of kidney function. Under such a condition, medical treatment is needed to management it well, otherwise, dialysis or kidney transplant will be a must. In general, to get illness condition controlled well, the following measures are needed:

1. Antidiabetics or insulin infection for high blood sugar

Since persistent high blood sugar is the real cause of kidney damages, so controlling blood sugar level in normal range is an important step for the improvement of kidney function.

2. Treatment to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function

Proteins leak into urine as kidney tissues are injured, so only when kidney damages are repaired, can kidney function be improved and also can further protein leakage be stopped effectively. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment suggested to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. This treatment has successfully treated many patients from more than 64 countries. With this treatment, some of them even get rid of dialysis successfully.

3. Scientific diet

For patients with proteinuria caused by years of high blood sugar, a scientific diet refers to diet that causes no further elevation of blood sugar and meanwhile add no extra burden on kidney. (Get personal diet plan from our nephrologists:

4. Regular physical exercises

Regular physical exercie helps to improve immune systen and increase immunity, and this is very important for the prevention of cold and infection which are the leading two factors that cause frequent relapse of proteinuria or foamy urine.

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