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Diabetic Nephropathy

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How Can Diabetic Nephropathy Process Be Prevented

How Can Diabetic Nephropathy Process Be PreventedWhat is the remedy to reduce Diabetic Nephropathy Process? Diabetic Nephropathy is damage to your kidneys caused by diabetes. In severe cases it can lead to kidney failure. Therefore, taking treatment to prevent further progression is important.

To block further damages on your kidneys, it includes three steps:

1. The first step

We need to know the degree of damaged renal immunity, so we can know which stage your kidney disease belongs to. Kidney disease can be divided into 3 stages. The first stage is immune inflammation period and the main symptom for this stage is hematuria, proteinuria, no increased creatinine and no high blood pressure; the second stage is fibrotic stage and the main symptoms of this stage is high serum creatinine, high blood pressure, normal urine, normal heart function and no dialysis; the third stage is scar formation stage and the symptoms for this stage is serum creatinine level over 8mg/dl, no urine and malignant high blood pressure. When the disease belongs to the first stage and the second stage, we can improve renal blood micro-circulation by dilating renal vessels, and also repair renal cells by proving oxygen and energy to them.

2. The second step

To discharge the deposition of immune complex and metabolized rubbish from kidney by Micro-Chinese Medicine, Medical Bath, Feet Bath, and Enema. We can see more rubbish in the urine. After this treatment, some broken and necrosis of protein and tissue separated from kidney. All these bad substances are discharged out through urine. These procedures provide a good internal environment for repairing renal cells, at the same time, and it can prevent the kidney disease from further progress.

3. The third step 

This stage is to repair kidneys’ self-ability. For this stage, apart from the first two therapies, we have to add some energy medicines such as vitamin complex, cell growth factor and complex phsophoesterasum, then providing a good repairing environment of renal cells by dilating micro-circulation, so we can provide sufficient energy for repairing the renal cells by itself. Thus, the damaged renal cells can be repaired.

These three steps are radical therapies for Diabetic Nephropathy. Only in this way can further kidney damage be prevented.

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