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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Are the Risk of Dialysis on People with Heart Problem

What Are the Risk of Dialysis on People with Heart ProblemDialysis is a very commonly used medical method to help kidney failure patients cleanse blood, which should be done by kidney. Dialysis is really helpful and life-supportive, but it is said dialysis can cause many bad effects. Well, what are the risk of dialysis on people with heart problem?

Dialysis is required by kidney failure sufferers because it can get polluted blood cleaned in several hours. If toxic substances in blood can not be removed timely, internal organs like heart will be severely damaged. That is the reason why dialysis is required when kidneys shut down.

In dialysis, blood is made out of the body and filtered with a medical machine. During this process, heart attacks may occur when damage is suffered by the heart muscles due to blood supply that is severely reduced or stopped. This is fatal if not recognized and treated properly. Cardiovascular disease like heart attack is the leading cause of death among kidney failure patients.

Besides heart attack, dialysis sufferers are also easily to suffer from problems listed below:

1. Low blood pressure: It is a common side effect of dialysis and especially common among diabetics.

2. Skin itching: this annoying problem is often worse during or just after dialysis.

3. Sleep problem: people with dialysis, including these who have heart problem, often have trouble sleeping, which can be caused by many conditions like restless legs, shortness of breath, and skin itching.

4. Muscle cramp: muscle cramp is also a common complain among dialysis patients. This problem occurs easily during dialysis and the incidence of it can be reduced by adjusting fluid and sodium intake between dialysis.

5. Headache: dialysis may cause severe headache because of fluid and electrolyte disturbance. Also, changing dialyzate also can be a cause of severe headache.

6. Infection: Infection is also a problem that dialysis patients should attach attention, as it may cause so many physical discomforts like fever, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and body aches.

Dialysis is life-sustaining, but meanwhile it is risky. For people with heart problem, they need to firstly learn about this procedure and make full preparation before taking dialysis, so as to reduce risk for various side effects. Besides, once they feel uncomfortable during or after dialysis, talk with doctor for solution directly.

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