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Is Dialysis A Life Long Process

Is Dialysis A Life Long ProcessIs dialysis life long process? Kidney failure patients are reluctant to do dialysis for many reasons and one of them is dialysis is a regarded as a life long process. Is this true? Is it possible for a dialysis patient to get off dialysis successfully?

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is the process that blood is drained out of the body and then filtered by a machine outside patient’s body. In normal condition, kidney is in charger of purifying blood, so dialysis is generally applied by kidney failure patients. Dialysis is especially helpful in clearing small molecular substances out of the blood like creatinine and urea nitrogen.

Is dialysis a life long process?

In cases of kidney failure, dialysis is used to replace damaged kidney to purify blood. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood and removing toxins out of the body, so when kidneys fail to function properly, dialysis is needed.

Dialysis helps to purify blood, but unfortunately, it can not improve kidney function, so its treatment effect is temporary. For this reason, kidney failure usually need to take dialysis regularly once they start. Viewed from the aspect, dialysis is a life long process, but the truth is some kidney failure patients indeed get off dialysis successfully by improving kidney function.

How to get off dialysis once start?

Just as we have mentioned above, dialysis is applied to replace failed kidney to purify blood, so when kidney function is improved to be able to maintain the normal life, there is no need for dialysis any more. Well, what is the treatment to improve kidney function and help kidney failure patients get off dialysis?

In general, to improve kidney function successfully, the following several steps are necessary:

1. Tight control of all the symptoms and complications like high blood pressure, proteinuria anemia, and electrolyte disturbance.

2. Repairing of some injured kidney intrinsic cells. Dead kidney cells can not be revived, so what we can do is to protect residual kidney tissues and repair some injured cells.

3. A well-plan diet to reduce kidney burden.

4. No bad living habits like drinking, smoking and staying up.

5. Keep being in good mood.

6. Mild physical exercises to enhance immune system and increase immunity. This helps to fight against cold and infection which are the leading two factors that can cause relapse and quick deterioration of kidney condition.

Dialysis is not a life long process if kidney failure get their kidney function improved greatly. The above are the several steps that are needed to improve kidney function. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us.

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