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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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How to Avoid Dialysis

How to Avoid Dialysishow to avoid dialysis? Although dialysis is life-supportive in kidney failure, we are sure no one wants to rely their rest of life on dialysis, because it is really an ordeal. Well, for a kidney failure patient who is suggested to start dialysis, what he can do to avoid dialysis?

To know the answer well, it is necessary to firstly understand why dialysis is required. Kidney failure is an illness in which kidneys can not do their jobs well. It is a dangerous condition because lots of toxins will build up in blood when kidneys fail to work well. Dialysis is required in kidney failure, because dialysis is a blood purification method. It is a medical process in which blood is made out of the body and filtered by a machine before it is transfused back to the body.

Dialysis is needed in kidney failure, because it can help to remove toxins out of the blood. Viewed from this aspect, if we want to avoid dialysis, we must make sure our blood can be cleaned in other ways. As of now, dialysis is the quickest way to purify blood and if we want to avoid dialysis, kidney transplant is a way and besides it, we can also achieve this goal by improving kidney function, but this method is only available for kidney failure patients who still pass urine.

Kidney is an organ with bean-shape which is composed of various kidney intrinsic cells. Actually, kidney intrinsic cells are just like cells in our other parts of body like hand. When they are mildly damaged, they can get recovery by themselves, but if the damage is beyond their self-curative ability, medicines are needed to help them recover. If no medicine is given, they will become necrotic and form scar. One of the major jobs of kidney is to produce urine, so for kidney failure patients, urine output means they still have healthy kidney function. In an affected kidney, there are healthy kidney cells, injured kidney cells and dead kidney cells. Dead kidney cells can not be brought back to life again, but some injured kidney cells can be repaired well with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In this way, kidney function can be improved greatly.

Dialysis is required to cleanse blood, so when kidneys work better and are able to help us maintain the normal life activity, dialysis is not needed any more. This is a way to help kidney failure patients to avoid dialysis, but it is only available for some patients. If you want to know if you can avoid dialysis successfully with this method, you can describe your illness condition to our online doctor and we will help you analyze illness condition and then give treatment suggestions to help avoid dialysis.

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