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End-Stage Renal Disease:Ammonia Smell

End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD),or Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease refers to losing all kidney functions.Many patients email to us with the questions that ammonia smell attack most of them.Why and how to treat it?

The reasons for end-stage renal disease with ammonia smell

Kidney has the function of filtering wastes and toxins out of the body.As kidney has no use eliminating wastes and toxins thus circulating in our blood vessels.They may deposit anywhere.Therefore you smell ammonia.During End-Stage Renal Disease,we’d better find natural therapies to increase life expectancy.

Kidney Therapy China

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy


Focus on invigorating blood and detoxification, adjust under particular circumstances.

The therapeutic recipes in our hospital should be mainly used.


Decoct medicines and extract decoction 100-300ml, take it orally one to three times, one to three times per day.

3—7 days for a course of treatment, 7—10 courses in all

Short-term effects:

Increased urine volume; reduced urine at night; yellowish urine; strong odor of urine; flocculent precipitates, etc

Early recovery of kidney (increased urine creatinine);reduced urine at night; improved blood stasis

No poisoning symptoms all over the body: relieved and skin itch; no ammonia tastes in the mouth; improved symptoms in digestive tract; increased appetite


Patients with oliguria, no urine, hyperkalemia should be cautious about taking this decoction.

Or decoct medicines with strong fire until decoction is boiling. Then add cold water to stop boiling after ten minutes. Again, decoct medicines with strong fire until boiling. Ten minutes later, take off flame.

Generally, take decoction when 30 minutes passed after a meal.

Decoction in cold storage should be boiled again and taken when temperature is optimal.

Email to with your informations and our experts will help you with personal guidance.Let’s fight against End-Stage Renal Disease together.

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