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How to Live Well with FSGS

How to Live Well with FSGSFSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulusclerosis) can be deadly or not and that depends on how we manage it. Well what should we do to live well with FSGS?

What is FSGS?

FSGS is a kidney disorder that is marked by damages on glomerulus which is an important kidney tissue. Glomerulus performs filtration function through a membrane which is of charge barrier and mechanical barrier. Charge barrier only allows some of the substances with positive charge to pass through and mechanical barrier only allows substance with small molecular substances to pass through. With these two barriers, most of the substances can be kept in the body. However, in FSGS, many glomeruli are damaged, which impairs renal filtration function severely. Under such a condition, when blood flow through kidney, substances which should be preserved in the blood like protein will lead to urine, leading to a series of abnormal urine test results.

How to live well with FSGS?

Early stage FSGS is not life-threatening at all, but if we do nothing at that time, it will progress to kidney failure stage finally. Well, what can we do to live well with FSGS?

-A well-planed diet to help reduce kidney burden

Diet arrangement for FSGS includes low-salt, high quality protein, low-potassium, low-fat, low-phosphorus, high-fiber, high carbohydrate, and low fluid intake.

-Find out the real cause to prevent further harm on kidney

FSGS can be primary or secondary. For one with secondary FSGS, he needs to find out the real cause of kidney damages and then bring it under control. In this way, further kidney damages can be prevented successfully.

-Strengthen kidney by repairing injured kidney tissues

It is true there is no complete cure for Chronic Kidney Disease, including FSGS, but there is way to strengthen kidney. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment option which can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and promote renal filtration function. More importantly, all the herbs are used externally to avoid potential side effects.

-Kick bad living habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up at night.

Although we can not guarantee complete cure for FSGS, if we do as above mentioned, we can live well with FSGS.

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