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Does Gout Make FSGS Worse

Does gout make FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis) worse? Gout also happens in FSGS patients. It indeed can worsen your conditions. Well then, how does gout occur and what is the treatment?

How does gout occur in FSGS?

Uric acid should be filtered by kidneys. However, when kidneys are damaged, they will fail to remove excess uric acid out of your body. Thus, uric acid will accumulate in your body. Besides, some medications for FSGS such as water pills can also increase uric acid levels. Too much uric acid in your body will cause gout.

What is the treatment for gout in FSGS?

Treatment for gout includes the following aspects:

1. Diet management

Uric acid is produced by purine so patients should limit the intake of foods with high purine such as animal organs, meat and so on. Patients also need to avoid drinking alcohol, because it can also increase uric acid level. Patients can drink more water to increase the urine output, which is good for the secretion of uric acid.

2. Common medicines

Prednisone is often recommended by your doctor for gout. It can help control gout attack. However, it is not suitable for long-term use because prednisone can bring many side effects.

Colchicine is often used at the first sign of a gout attack as it is most effective. Then, your doctor will adjust the dose based on your renal function and side effects.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Both diet management and common medicines only aim to control the symptom not the disease. That is, your condition will occur again because your injured kidneys are not repaired and kidney function is not improved. The radical treatment for gout in FSGS should be Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is used externally and aims to improve renal function through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients. When renal function is improved, high uric acid level will be reduced. Then, gout will be managed from the root in FSGS.

Gout can make FSGS worse but Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can improve your renal function and then relieve FSGS radically.

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