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What Is the Diet Plan for GFR 35

What Is the Diet Plan for GFR 35We need to make diet changes when GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is lower than normal range, so as to avoid contributing to the further decline of it. Well, what should be the diet plan for GFR 35?

GFR 35 indicates moderately decreased kidney function

Glomerular Filtration Rate is an index for kidney condition. For healthy adult, it should be higher than 90 and in cases of kidney disease, it decreases with the decline of kidney function.

GFR 35 indicates stage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) which is accompanied with moderately decreased kidney function. In such a case, with proper treatment, kidneys can be strengthened and also GFR can be increased to a better level. Whereas, if we just leave it alone or we take wrong treatment, GFR will keep declining, and finally, when it is lower than 15, dialysis or kidney transplant is needed to support life.

What is the diet plan for GFR 35?

Since low GFR 35 is resulted from kidney problem, so foods arranged for patients with low GFR should be good for kidney, so as to avoid further damaging kidneys.

For an individual with GFR 35, he generally needs to follow these dietary principles:

1. Low-salt diet

Low-salt diet is needed when GFR is low, because high salt is harmful for kidney. Actually, no matter for kidney disease patients, or healthy people, light diet is recommended and this will help us prevent lots of health issues.

2. Proper protein intake

In general, when GFR is as low as 35, protein intake should be limited to 0.6 gram per kilogram of body weight per day. Besides, high quality protein which can be found in egg white, fish, lean meat and milk are especially recommended, as they can provide us with necessary nutrients and meanwhile add less burden on kidney.

3. Foods high in iron and calcium

Compared with others, people with low GFR like 35 run higher risk for hypocalcemia and anemia. Trying to eat some foods high in iron and calcium helps to prevent these problems.

4. Low-potassium and phosphors diet

Besides, to prevent hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia, foods high in potassium and phosphorus should be excluded from dining-table.

Diet plan needs to be made according to specific illness condition. GFR 35 is a very low level, and diet changes are necessary. However, we can not get this level increased to normal range just by eating some foods and avoiding some foods. To increase GFR successfully, we must firstly strengthen our kidney.

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