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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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What Is the Medicine to Increase GFR

What Is the Medicine to Increase GFRA good GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) level means kidneys are able to help us cleanse blood and make sure the safety of our internal organs. Decline of GFR is a very dangerous condition, which always cause life-threatening complications. Well, what is the medicine to increase GFR?

What does low GFR mean?

GFR is an indicator of kidney function. It describe flow rate of blood filtered by kidney. For people whose kidneys function well, their GFR is higher than 90 and when kidney function is impaired for some reason, kidneys fail to filter blood as much as they did before in limited time, as a result of which, GFR decreases. Therefore, low GFR means kidney problem in medicine.

What is the medicine to increase GFR?

GFR decreases due to impairment of kidney function, so if we want to increase GFR, we need to improve kidney function firstly. So far there is no such an oral medicine that can cure damaged kidney, but with systematic treatment, some kidney function can be restored. In this way, GFR can be increased to a good level.

The systematic treatment that can increase GFR is compose of:

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This herbal treatment is very effective in strengthening kidney. It is a herb-based treatment, but to avoid stimulating gastrointestinal tract, all the herbs are used externally on Shen Shu acupoint, not orally. It plays an important part in the systematic treatment for low GFR.

Mai Kang Mixture: This is an oral Chinese liquid which is able to regulate blood pressure, strengthen immune system, repair kidney intrinsic cells damaged by toxins in blood.

Medicinal Soup: Some Chinese herbs like Snow Lotus Herb, Discolor Cinquefoil Herb, Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae and Achyranthes Herb are used in the treatment. The usage and dose of these herbs is based on specific illness condition, as if not used properly, they will cause further kidney damages. Therefore, the application of them must be under doctor’s direction.

Medicinal Foot Bath: We all know there are various acupoints in the bottom of our feet and they are related to our internal organs. By stimulating these acupoints with certain medicines, related internal organs can be strengthened. Besides, this Chinese treatment method is also able to increase blood circulation, which is very good for kidney.

GFR is an indicator of kidney function, so when kidney function is improved, low GFR is increased as well.

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