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Hypertensive Nephropathy

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How Is High Blood Pressure Linked with Kidney Disease

How Is High Blood Pressure Linked with Kidney DiseaseIn some cases, patients suffer from high blood pressure and kidney disease at the same time. Why is this? How is high blood pressure linked with kidney disease?

1. High blood pressure is the second cause of kidney disease

high blood pressure is also called hypertension which refers to the high impact on vascular wall. Slight and temporary elevation of blood pressure is not dangerous at all, but persistent high blood pressure is very harmful for kidney. Kidney is the natural filter of our body. It cleanses blood and during this process, wastes and unwanted fluid are removed out of the body as urine. Long-term high blood pressure damages renal blood vessels, leading to decline of kidney function. Kidney problem caused by high blood pressure is called Hypertensive Nephropathy or hypertensive kidney disease and it is usually accompanied with frequent urination, especially at night.

2. Kidney disease can lead to elevation of blood pressure

High blood pressure can be the cause for one with kidney problem and also it can be a symptom of kidney problem, because damaged kidney elevates blood pressure in the following two ways:

-healthy kidneys help to maintain fluid balance as well as serum sodium balance. When kidneys are damaged and fail to do so, excess fluid and sodium can not be removed out of the body timely. As a result of this, blood volume increases, which increases the impact on vascular wall.

-damaged kidney secrete lots of renin which can increase the activity of angiotensin II. Angiotensin II not only shrinks blood vessels, but also increase the secretion of aldosterone which can further worsen fluid retention. Under such a condition, blood pressure becomes higher and higher.

High blood pressure and kidney disease interact. For one with both elevated blood pressure and damaged kidney, he needs to control blood pressure in normal range and meanwhile repair injured kidney tissues to strengthen kidney. Only in this way, can these two problems be brought under control tightly.

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