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Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Frequent Urination In Hypertensive Kidney Disease

Frequent Urination In Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseIt is really suffering to have to go urinate for so many times in an hour. And also it is a sign that there is something goes wrong with our body. Frequent urination can be the first physical discomfort of hypertensive kidney disease which is the kidney disorder caused by years of high blood pressure, so for people with years of uncontrolled hypertension, they should be alert about their kidney when they face this problem.

How is frequent urination caused in hypertensive kidney disease?

Kidney is in charge of removing unwanted fluid out of the body as urine, so kidney disease is always accompanied with a series of urine changes. In a healthy kidney, glomeruli are responsible for filtering blood and during this process, some fluid and nutrients leak, which are finally reabsorbed back to the body through renal tubule. Hypertension, which also can be called high blood pressure, is marked by high impact on blood vessels. Long-term high blood pressure damage renal tubules, leading to the dysfunction of them. Under such a condition, they can not reabsorb the fluid and nutrients back to the body, as a result of which, urine output increases. Frequent urination is a really suffering, as it not only affects daily life, but also night sleep.

Other symptoms of hypertensive kidney disease besides frequent urination

Frequent urination is just a symptom of hypertensive kidney disease, besides it, patients also experience many other discomforts such as tiredness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, skin itching, poor concentration, foamy urine and sleep problems. Also, these symptoms become more and more severe with the worsening of their kidney condition.

In hypertensive kidney disease, all the symptoms, including frequent urination, are resulted from impaired kidney function, so if we want to get them eliminated fundamentally and permanently, we need to start from strengthening kidney. Another thing we need to mention is in many cases hypertensive kidney disease is treated by treating its symptoms. This is helpful, but can not stop illness progression at all. If we want to get good recovery, repairing damaged kidney tissues is necessary.

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