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Polycystic kidney disease is a family disease.Many cysts enlarge and increase as time passes by.The early symptoms for Polycystic kidney disease are backaches and high blood more

Chronic kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function gradually.With its development,many clinical symptoms occur in the whole body,which speed up the progression of chronic kidney more

FSGS is another top reason for kidney failure and most patients suffer from kidney failure in the end.So the early detection of FSGS is so significant that natural treatment can be applied to slow the progression of kidney more


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

Kidney Cyst

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Natural Treatment for Medical Bilateral Kidney Cysts Patients

Natural Treatment for Medical Bilateral Kidney Cysts PatientsKidney cysts is not serious kidney disease.When the cysts is below 3cm,there is no obvious symptoms.Therefore there is no need to accept any treatment.How about medical bilateral kidney cysts Patients?How to treat it?

When medical bilateral kidney cysts patients have obvious symptoms like hematuria,backache and so on,the treatment becomes necessary.

There are many western medicines or surgeries for medical bilateral kidney cysts patients.When they accept them,their conditions can be relieved to some certain degree.Withing short time,all of these conditions come back,which have more serious symptoms and further kidney damage.Worse,they may bring many side effects for medical bilateral kidney cysts.Therefore they are eager to find natural treatment to relieve their conditions.

Kidney Therapy China

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy

Detoxification—detoxicating toxic pathogen in viscera

taking orally to detoxicate

The key to take Chinese medicine orally is to process medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis, make oral capsules or medicinal soup, and take medicines orally to detoxicate phlegm stasis and damp turbidity in viscera.

therapeutic characteristics

Focus on the usage of medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis in order to treat various inflammation and toxic stasis with that function.

Practice has proved the good efficacy.

therapeutic principle

Detoxicate pathogenic factors in heart, lung, spleen, stomach, gallbladder and twelve meridians to smooth the flow of qi, blood and body fluids. In this way, the basis of generating blood stasis, water-dampness, phlegm can be dissolved.


Focus on invigorating blood and detoxification, adjust under particular circumstances.

The therapeutic recipes in our hospital should be mainly used.


Decoct medicines and extract decoction 100-300ml, take it orally one to three times, one to three times per day.

3—7 days for a course of treatment, 7—10 courses in all.

If you are interested in our therapies,email to with your informations and our experts give you a reply with individual guidance.

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