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Polycystic kidney disease is a family disease.Many cysts enlarge and increase as time passes by.The early symptoms for Polycystic kidney disease are backaches and high blood more

Chronic kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function gradually.With its development,many clinical symptoms occur in the whole body,which speed up the progression of chronic kidney more

FSGS is another top reason for kidney failure and most patients suffer from kidney failure in the end.So the early detection of FSGS is so significant that natural treatment can be applied to slow the progression of kidney more


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

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Kidney diseases are serious disorders with different conditions.According to our research, most people suffer from kidney disease and lose their life.Therefore we offer some basic information about different kidney disease meanwhile there are also treatment options other than dialysis and kidney transplant.So patients can detect kidney disease in the early period and choose the most suitable treatment.

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chronic kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease includes five stages according to Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR).


Chronic Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a medical condition in which kidneys fail to filter metabolic wastes and toxins.



Diabetes is a leading cause for kidney disease.To control diabetes means to control kidney disease.


Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy refers to high blood glucose built in the blood leading to kidney damage.



End-stage renal disease is a condition in which your kidneys fail to work.



Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis is a common pathological type of Nephrotic Syndrome.


Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive nephropathy is a serious kidney disease caused by long-term high blood pressure.


IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy deposits of IgA or IgA antibodies in glomerular mesangial areas.


Kidney Cyst

Kidney Cyst is not serious and can be controlled successfully with early detection.


Lupus Nephritis

Red spot in the shape of butterfly is the obvious clinical manifestation of lupus nephritis.


Membranous Nephropathy

Membranous Nephropathy means kidney tissue which filters blood become inflame and thickened.



Different nephritis has different causes so the treatment is different from individual to individual.


Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome includes massive proteinuria (≧3.5g/d), hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipemia and obvious edema.


Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disorder and accompanies with patients lifelong.


Purpura Nephritis

Purpura Nephritis is a autoimmune disease and rash is the standards phenomenon.

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