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How To Prevent Nephritis From Developing Uremia

A patient’s nephritis develops into uremia within 5 years. This is really a tragedy. To avoid this happening, right treatment is the key. Let’s tell you what is the correct treatment for nephritis.

How To Prevent Nephritis From Developing Uremia5 years ago, a person was diagnosed with nephritis due to leg swelling. After a period of treatment, her nephritis becomes negative. With this improvement, she did not take any medicine and also have no recheck up. In Octobor, 2016, she did not take good prevention for cold so she began to have a fever and cold. What’s worse, she suffered from labored breathing. At this time, she went to hospital for a check up. The medical reports showed her creatinine level 700. Her local doctor just recommended dialysis treatment. Without dialysis, her life will be threatened.

At the beginning, she took dialysis every day. Her creatinine level was reduced to 400umol/L from 700umol/L. But her difficult breath and other discomforts did not have any improvement.

In order to seek better treatment, this patient began to search information in the Internet. She found our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. With the courage of her family members, she decided to come to our hospital for a try.

We first gave her a thorough check up to know her condition clearly. The ultrasound showed her both kidneys have shrunk. Serum creatinine level was 630umol/L, uric acid was 424umol/L, urine volume was 500ml and blood pressure was 160/100mmHg.

Her nephritis changed into uremia gradually. If she continued to take medications and take regular check up, uremia would not occur. Actually, she suffered from leg swelling again after her nephritis became negative, she just took some diuretic medicines instead of accepting formal treatment. Besides, even if her blood pressure is 160/100mmHg, she did not take it seriously because she had no any discomforts. Nephritis patients need to strictly monitor their blood pressure, go to hospital regularly and prevent high blood pressure from damaging your kidneys. However, many patients did not be aware of this so their condition became worse and worse.

Based on her specific condition, our doctors mainly gave him a combined therapy with western medicines and Chinese medicines. Western medicines aim to control relative symptoms like high blood pressure and swelling. And Chinese medicines help repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function gradually. After a period of treatment, her dialysis times was reduced to once a week from three times a week. Her serum creatinine level was reduced to 377umol/L, uric acid was reduced to 289umol/L and urine volume was increased to 1200ml. Moreover, she could have a good sleep quality. Shortness of breath and other discomforts all disappear.

After discharged from our hospital, she can get rid of dialysis. She just needs to take our Chinese medicines for a period to consolidate the therapeutic effect. In her daily life, she needs to avoid tiredness and have a regular check up.

If you have any question, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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