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Frequent Asked Question About Nephrotic Syndrome (二)

AFrequent Asked Question About Nephrotic Syndrome (二)ctually this article is supposed to be a continue to my previous article. Follow us to read through the article.

1. Do I still need to take medication if my lab reports are normal?

Yes, you still need to take medications for a period. The normal lab reports only show your symptoms temporarily disappear but the root cause for this disease has not been solved. You can not stop medications after only several months of treatment. Regular checkup, negative protein for 2 years and no relapse indicate your condition is reversed.

2. Is the treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome complex?

As long as you have a clear diagnosis, it is not so difficult to treat it. But you need to take examination regularly. Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic disease so it takes a long time to treat it. The curative effect is better with a clear diagnosis.

3. Why nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse?

First, patients are sensitive to steroids and the curative effect is good. But if you stop medication improperly, it will cause relapse.

Second, abnormal immune system can not remove immune complexes out. Immune complexes will deposit in your kidneys for a long time. It is easy to cause relapse of kidney disease.

Third, immune system disorder will cause defense function decline and infection is easy to occur. This will worsen patients’ condition and it increases the risk of relapse.

4. What to do for repeated proteinuria?

You need to get a definite diagnosis of damage level of kidneys, damage area and pathogenic substances. And then you need to adjust your treatment plan and take Toxin-Removing Treatment so as to repair injured kidney tissues. Only in this way can you get a good curative effect in nephrotic syndrome treatment and avoid relapse. In your daily life, you need to monitor your immune system so as to make early prevention and prevent relapse.

5. What benefits can Wax gourd juice do for nephrotic syndrome patients?

Wax gourd juice has the function of eliminating swelling, increasing urine output and clearing heat. It should not be eaten too much.

6. Is renal biopsy a must for Nephrotic Syndrome?

No, it is not a must. There are some safer checkups for Nephrotic Syndrome including The Localization Diagnosis of Kidney Structure and Function, Biochemistry Localization Diagnosis of Blood Endotoxin and Cell Toxin, Biological Localization Diagnosis Of Cells and Cell Subset.

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