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Diet Arrangement for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Diet Arrangement for Children with Nephrotic SyndromeChildren with Nephrotic Syndrome have trouble in making diet changes and this needs parents to know clearly about the diet arrangement, so that they can help their children get recovery as soon as possible.

Diet arrangement for children with Nephrotic Syndrome include the following several aspects:


Low-sodium diet is always recommended for children with Nephrotic Syndrome. This not only reduce risk for high blood pressure, but also contributes to tight control of fluid intake.

To follow a low-sodium diet, apart from adding less salt while cooking, high sodium foods like instant soups, bacon, spaghetti, pickled cucumber and canned vegetables also need to be excluded from dining-table.

-high quality protein

Protein plays a vital for both physical development and mental development. For children with Nephrotic Syndrome, they lose lots of protein in urine, so seeing from this aspect, they need to ingest much more protein to meet the basic demand of their blood. However, as high protein intake will increase kidney burden and worsen illness condition, protein limitation is needed and this always push parents in dilemma. In such a case, high quality protein foods like egg white, fish, lean meat and milk are recommended, as high quality protein can provide us with necessary substances and meanwhile produce less wastes.

-strict fluid intake

With fluid retention caused by Nephrotic Syndrome, fluid limitation is needed. How much fluid is allowed a day is based on specific illness condition. You can ask online doctor to help calculate proper fluid intake.

-foods with diuretic function

Diuretic is always applied to help us remove excess fluid out of the body. Actually, for children with Nephrotic Syndrome besides diuretics, some foods with diuretic function like celery, brussels Sprouts, ginger, carrot and garlic also can be added into daily diet to remit it.

A good diet arrangement plays an important helping role in the tight control of Nephrotic Syndrome in children. If you have any questions about this topic, please leave message to:, or ask online doctor for help.

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