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How To Alleviate Swelling in Nephrotic Syndrome

How To Alleviate Swelling in Nephrotic SyndromeHow to alleviate swelling in Nephrotic Syndrome? If you still have not find an effective solution, this article will be recommended for you.

How is swelling caused in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Swelling or edema is the result of fluid retention. Kidney is composed of various kidney tissues like glomerulus and renal tubule. Normally, kidneys filter blood and during this process, unwanted fluid will be removed out of the body as urine. That is why we go to urinate often when we drink lots of water.

Nephrotic Syndrome is an illness marked by severe protein leakage in urine. Protein is an important composition. When lots of protein are lost from blood, plasma osmotic pressure decreases. Under such a condition, lots of fluid accumulate in surrounding cell tissues. That is why Nephrotic Syndrome patients always have swelling problem.

How to alleviate swelling in Nephrotic Syndrome?

With Nephrotic Syndrome, to alleviate swelling permanently, we need to:

1. Limit fluid intake

A strict fluid limitation is needed, otherwise, welling will become more and more serious.

2. A low-sodium diet

A low-sodium diet is also needed, which not only helps to prevent elevation of blood pressure, but also contributes to the tight control of swelling.

3. Reduce protein in urine

Severe protein leakage is the root cause of swelling in Nephrotic Syndrome, so if we want to alleviate swelling effectively, we must reduce protein in urine. And this need us:

-adjust protein intake to reduce kidney burden

High protein intake increases kidney burden and low protein intake aggravate hypoproteinemia, so a proper protein intake is necessary. How much protein is needed is based on specific illness condition. You can described your illness to our online doctor and ask for individual advice.

-repair injured kidney tissues to rebuild kidney function

Kidneys filter blood and preserve protein in urine through glomerular filtration membrane. Severe protein leakage is caused when this membrane is severely damaged, so if we want to stop protein leakage and reduce protein in urine, we need to repair injured kidney tissues to rebuild kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. If you still have not an effective solution, you can try this harmless herbal treatment.

Lastly, swelling is just a clinical manifestation of Nephrotic Syndrome. If we want to alleviate swelling successfully, we need to firstly find out its real cause and then act based on its cause. Only in this way, can the problem be resolved permanently.

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