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Radical Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome In My Four Years Old Son

“Can your hospital gives my son a radical treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome? His protein in urine is 3+++. He also suffers from swelling on legs, face and stomach. I do not want my son to take prednisone again”. This is a question from our mail box Here we will give a radical and effective treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in children.

Radical Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome In My Four Years Old Son1. What is the cause of Nephrotic Syndrome?

This is because the antigen like virus and bacteria get into our body then combine with the antibody in our body. We call it antigen-antibody immune complex. The complex deposits in our kidney, then causing the inflammation reaction.

In western medicine, we control it with steroid. It is effective in controlling the symptoms, because it can stop the inflammation reaction. But it cannot clean the immune complexes out of your body so when we get cold or have any infection, your condition will relapse.

2. How does our hospital treat Nephrotic Syndrome from the root?

First, we control the inflammation reaction, then we clear it by using the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other therapies to improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis and discharge the complex out through urine and sweating. When all the complexes are removed, Nephrotic Syndrome will never relapse.

From the above analysis, we know there are three causes of Nephrotic syndrome:

Inflammation reaction

Press to blood vessels

Glomeruli sclerosis

The treatment should also include three aspects:

Stop the inflammation reaction

Clear the extracellular matrix

Dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow in kidney, improve the blood and oxygen to repair the glomeruli

Prednisone your son takes only do the first step-stop inflammation reaction. That is the reason why your son cannot be treated from the root. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help your son from the root cause. However, you need to bring him to China for treatment. This therapy is only available in China now. We have no branches in India and other countries. Our contact information is or whatsapp number +8618330110929.

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