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Polycystic kidney disease is a family disease.Many cysts enlarge and increase as time passes by.The early symptoms for Polycystic kidney disease are backaches and high blood more

Chronic kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function gradually.With its development,many clinical symptoms occur in the whole body,which speed up the progression of chronic kidney more

FSGS is another top reason for kidney failure and most patients suffer from kidney failure in the end.So the early detection of FSGS is so significant that natural treatment can be applied to slow the progression of kidney more


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy based on Chinese medicines treats kidney disease from more


Immunotherapy combines advantages between Chinese medicines and Western medicines to overcome kidney more

patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

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Indian Patients for Chinese Systematic Treatment

Indian Patients for Chinese Systematic Treatment Sayjay, from India, he was coming to our hospital Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease, and has been for about three weeks yet now. The below are what is his feeling for Chinese medicine treatment:

Sayjay said, “ I suffered from kidney disease three years ago, and before coming to China I had been getting treated in India with Western treatment. However, one day I knew Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital on the internet, and the online doctors understood my disease condition, and give me some good suggestions. In addition, they introduced Chinese medicine treatment for my case. Finally, I decided to come here.

The treatment I got in this hospital is a herbal treatment, which including steam herbal therapy, herbal bath, foot bath and acupuncture therapy, etc. the therapy effects are very good. My creatinine was very high, 647, but 10 days later with Chinese treatment, it became 602. Besides, these medicines really make my kidney function improved. My urine color and smell changed after Chinese medicine treatment. And I know that toxins and wastes in my body are getting out with urine.

Thus, I think my treatment with Chinese systematic treatment is very effective, in addition, nurses and doctors are very kind and caring for me, which makes me like at home. They are always smiling and cooperative. I trust the Chinese medicine treatment and this hospital because facts about my treatment here prove it very much.”

The above are totally what Sayjay’s feeling for Chinese medicine and Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Chinese medicine is focusing on improving kidney condition to make kidney under recovery gradually by the time. Good effects will be achieved for patients with kidney disease. If you have any doubt or need any help, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor anytime. We will reply you very fast.

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