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What Diet to Take with PKD and Creatinine Level 5.7

What Die to Take with PKD and Creatinine Level 5.7What diet should we take with PKD and creatinine level 5.7? PKD stands for Polycystic Kidney Disease which is an illness that can cause cyst formation in kidney. In PKD, elevated creatinine level means severely damaged kidney. Under such a condition, both well-planed diet and effective medical treatment are needed. Well, what diet to take with PKD and creatinine level 5.7?

As a matter of fact, exact diet plan should be made based on specific illness condition. For PKD sufferers whose serum creatinine level has gone up to 5.7, they have lost most of their kidney function. In such a case, following principles should be considered while arranging daily diet:

1. Have a low-salt diet

Salt is rich in sodium which is a major mineral found in the fluid surrounding the cells in our body. For PKD patients with high creatinine level 5.7, their kidneys can not function well to keep sodium level in normal range, which leads to a series of health issues like high blood pressure and fluid retention. High salt diet will aggravate this bad condition, so it is necessary to reduce salt intake, so as to keep blood pressure and fluid balance in normal condition.

2. Proper protein intake

Protein intake should be regulated when serum creatinine level is as high as 5.7. Usually, protein intake should be limited to 0.2-0.4g per kilogram of body weight per day if patients have not started dialysis. However, if they have been on dialysis, protein intake should be increased to 1.2g/kg/d.

Besides, foods with high quality protein are always recommended, because high quality protein can provide us with essential amino-acid which can not be produced in our body. High quality protein can be found in foods like fish, egg white, milk and lean meat.

3. High-fiber diet

In PKD, cysts in kidney enlarge over time. Enlarged kidney cysts may oppress intestines and stomach, thus leading to constipation. High fiber intake promotes bowel movement, which reduces risk for constipation. In our daily diet, foods rich in fiber include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, oatmeal, bran flakes, lentils and blackberries and so on.

4. Pay attention to fluid intake

Fluid intake should be limited if there is swelling or edema. This symptom usually firstly appears in eyelid, face, hands, feet and legs. If no treatment is given, it spreads to the whole body finally.

5. Pay attention to potassium, phosphorus, and calcium intake

Healthy kidneys maintain electrolyte balance. When kidney function is impaired due to PKD, electrolyte disturbance appears. We need to regulate potassium intake, phosphorus intake and calcium intake when laboratory tests report abnormalities.

Creatinine 5.7 is a very high level, which means PKD has developed to kidney failure stage. In such a case, if we want to get complete recovery, it is far from enough for us just to regulate our diet habits. Effective medical treatment is also imperative. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a Chinese herbal treatment which can shrink kidney cysts, strengthen kidney tissues and rebuild damaged kidney structure. If we take this herbal treatment to deal with PKD, dialysis can be avoided successfully.

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