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How Can We Stop Bruising As A PKD Patient

How Can We Stop Bruising As A PKD PatientPKD is a genetic kidney disorder which can bring so many problems. Severe lower back pain is a common complain among PKD sufferers, but besides it, frequent and easy bruising also presents problems and challenges. Well, how can we stop bruising as a PKD patient?

What causes easy bruising in PKD?

A bruise occurs when small blood vessels close to the skin’s surface break. In cases of PKD, this condition can be caused by so many factors like:

-Direct trauma to skin with resultant injury to the blood vessels.

-Application of certain medicines like Aspiriin, Prednisone, SSSRIs and so on.

-Age: Elder patients are more likely to suffer from bruise because capillaries become more fragile and tissue surrounding the blood vessels weakens when we get old.

-Abnormal blood composition: Our kidneys are natural filter of our body. They can clear toxins away from our blood, so as to make sure a normal life activity. PKD can damage kidney structure and impair kidney function. When kidneys can not function normally, large amounts of toxic substances will build up in blood, leading to abnormal blood composition which also trigger easy bruising.

How can we stop bruising as a PKD patient?

If you are a PKD sufferer and recently bothered by frequent bruising, following remedies can be taken:

1. Good nutrition: Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin K can help alleviate bruising in different ways. You can eat more foods high in them, so as to avoid or reduce risk for bruising.

2. Meticulous skin case: avoid sun exposure, when you have a bath, water should be warm, not hot and also never use alcohol-based products or abrasive body scrubs.

3. Be alert to hazards in the environment and try to avoid any possible accidents that could result in bruising.

4. Check skin regularly and if it is caused by your medicine, talk to your doctor to change one.

All in all, in PKD, easy bruising is due to impaired kidney function and if we want to eliminate this problem, treatment that can rebuild damaged kidney structure to restore kidney function is needed. In China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is commonly used to help PKD sufferers to deal with their kidney problem. This herbal treatment can shrink kidney cysts, nourish kidney and repair injured kidney tissues. With this treatment, not only bruising problem, but also other kidney-related symptoms also can be eliminated fundamentally.

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