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How to Cure Proteinuria Caused by Kidney Problem

How to Cure Proteinuria Caused by Kidney ProblemHow to cure proteinuria caused by kidney problem? In our daily life, many conditions can cause proteinuria like high protein intake, drastic physical exercise, fever and kidney problem. Different solution is needed in different cases. In kidney disease, tight control of proteinuria is of great clinical significance. Well, how to cure proteinuria caused by kidney disease?

How is proteinuria caused by kidney problem?

In normal condition, protein leak into urine is less than 150mg in a day, but when kidneys are damaged, lots of protein will be lost in urine. Normally, while protein pass through kidney with blood, they can be preserved in the body owing to glomeruli which works through two barriers: charge barrier and mechanical barrier. Charge barrier is in charge of preventing protein with negative charge passing through and mechanical barrier mainly stops protein with large molecular weight. However, in kidney disease, glomerular filtration membrane is damaged and kidneys can not stop protein from leaking into urine. As a result, proteinuria is caused.

How to cure proteinuria caused by kidney problem?

To solve a problem successfully, we need to firstly find out its cause. In kidney disease, since proteinuria is formed due to damaged glomerular filtration membrane, so as long as we get it repaired, protein leakage is stopped and also proteinuria is cured.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a very effective treatment to repair damaged kidney structure. It is a herb-based treatment and so far has been used to treat kidney disease patients from around 100 countries like America, India, England, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, Canada and Russia. This herbal treatment is very effective in treating proteinuria, because effective ingredients in this treatment are able to activate damaged kidney tissues and help them get recovery. We know protein leak into urine because kidneys are damaged, so as long as kidney damages are repaired, protein leakage is stopped.

Additional, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a harmless treatment for proteinuria, because all the herbs are used externally. Besides it, many other therapies like acupuncture, acupuncture, medicated bath and steaming therapy are used as adjuvant treatment to improve treatment effects. If you are interested in learning more about treatment for proteinuria, please leave your contact information to us or email us directly: Our nephrologist will contact you as soon as possible to offer help.

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