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What Does Albuminuria Mean for Diabetics

What Does Albuminuria Mean for DiabeticsAlbuminuria also says there are excess protein in urine, but it refers to urine with excess albumin which is the main protein made by the liver. Diabetics are more likely to suffer from albuminuria, especially for these with poor control of blood sugar. Why is this? What does albuminuria mean for Diabetics?

Be alert about albuminuria as a diabetic

Diabetics are more likely to have albuminuria, because persistent high blood sugar is harmful for kidney and kidney disease usually goes hand in hand with protein leakage in urine.

In normal condition, protein flow through kidney with blood and during this process, wastes and unwanted fluid are removed as urine, but proteins can be kept in the body. Usually, only less than 150mg of protein are lost from urine in 24 hours. Such a mount of protein can not be detected with routine urine test, that is why we always say there is no protein in urine normally.

For a diabetic, persistent high blood sugar is very harmful for renal blood vessels, which damages kidney structure and impairs kidney function. Under such a condition, protein will leak to urine, leading to albuminuria. For diabetics, albuminuria usually indicates kidney problems.

What to do when there is albuminuria associated with Diabetes?

As a matter of fact, albuminuria is just a symptom of Diabetic kidney disease which is clinically called Diabetic Nephropathy. If we want to get this problem solved fundamentally and permanently, we need to start from the following several aspects:

-tight control of blood sugar

To receive good treatment effects in treating albuminuria caused by Diabetes, controlling blood sugar in normal range is very necessary and this the precondition to protect residual kidney function.

-repair damaged kidney structure and rebuild kidney function

Damaged kidney can not work well to preserve albumin in the body, so we need to repair injured kidney tissues, so as to increase kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment option for diabetics to repair injured renal intrinsic cells. It is not only effective, but also harmless.

-arrange kidney-friendly diet

A kidney-friendly diet is also necessary when there is albuminuria associated with Diabetes. Diet plan is made based on specific illness condition, but generally a low-protein diet is needed. Additional, high quality protein foods like lean meat, milk, fish and egg white are always recommended.

-develop regular and healthy life style

A regular and healthy life style helps to increase immunity, which contributes to the prevention of ailments like cold and infection which can accelerate illness progression.

All in all, albuminuria is an alert sign of kidney damage for diabetics. We need to take actions as soon as possible when are in such a case, so as to prevent unexpected consequence like dialysis.

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