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What Is the Best Thing To Do with Protein In Urine

What Is the Best Thing To Do with Protein In UrineProteinuria is the presence of protein in urine, which is an abnormal physical condition. We need to do something to alleviate or eliminate this condition when there is protein in urine, so that we can avoid further health tissues. Well, what is the best thing to do with protein in urine?

Proteinuria is a common clinical manifestation of kidney disease. When there is proteinuria, kidney disease patients should:

1. Limit protein intake

If proteinuria occurs due to kidney problem, protein limitation is needed, because high protein intake will aggravate proteinuria, which always indicate worsening of kidney condition. Howe much protein is needed is depends on specific kidney condition. In general, people with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) stage 1-2 need to limit protein intake to 0.8 gram per kilogram of body weight per day and for these whose illness is in CKD stage 3, 0.6g of protein is needed per kilogram of body weight per day. For patients with seriously damaged kidney whose illness is in CKD stage 4, 0.4g/k/d is ok and for these who are in end stage, they need to limit their protein intake to 0.2g/k/d. However, if patients have started dialysis, they need to ingest much more protein (usually 1.2g/k/d) to replenish the one lost in urine and during dialysis.

2. Try to take some foods with high quality protein

High quality protein is always recommended when there is proteinuria. High quality protein is any food source rich in protein and nutrients and containing little or no cholesterol or saturated fats. For this kind of protein, it can provide our body with necessary nutrients and meanwhile produce less wastes. The end product of protein is urea which needs to be removed out of the body through kidney, so compared with general protein, eating high quality protein foods is kidney-beneficial.

3. Repair damaged kidney structure

Normally, no protein is detected in urine. In kidney disease, protein leak into urine due to injured kidney structure. If we want to get this problem eliminated fundamentally and permanently, we need to repair damaged kidney structure, so as to stop protein leakage.

All in all, protein in urine is an abnormal physical condition, which always indicate serious health problems, so we need to do everything we can to eliminate this problem.

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