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patient story Patient Video ask doctor find doctor

Purpura Nephritis

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You Can See Obvious Effects After 10 Days Purpura Nephritis Treatment

You can see obvious effects after 10 days of Purpura Nephritis treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. The treatment is Toxin-Removing Treatment. The following is a successful patient story.

Before coming to our hospital, her father has taken her to many hospitals but there is no improvement. Helplessly, they decide to come to our hospital for a try. Just 10 days later in our hospital, her proteinuria and hematuria both become negative. You can see smiles in their face.
You Can See Obvious Effects After 10 Days Purpura Nephritis Treatment

Well then, how does Toxin-Removing Treatment help Purpura Nephritis?

As its name suggests, Toxin-Removing Treatment discharges toxins from blood. In this way, it can purify your blood. This is also our hospital’s treatment theory-Cleansing Blood First Before Treating Kidney Disease. If there are lots of toxins in blood, it will reduce the medication effects. Besides, toxins can also attack kidney intrinsic cells and cause cell dysfunction. This is the reason why your kidney disease relapses frequently.

In Purpura Nephritis, there will be lots of immune complexes in your body and you need to remove them out. Toxin-Removing Treatment consists of a series of Chinese medicine treatments such as Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Medicinal Soup, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy and Steaming Therapy, etc. Through exact diagnosis, we will give you exact treatment. Different patient will be given different therapy. These therapies can correct your immune system and improve your immunity. Also Chinese medicines can degrade immune complexes and remove them out. This can stop immune-inflammatory reaction and prevent the regeneration of immune complexes. In this way, Purpura Nephritis can be treated from the root.
You Can See Obvious Effects After 10 Days Purpura Nephritis TreatmentYou Can See Obvious Effects After 10 Days Purpura Nephritis Treatment

Besides, Toxin-Removing Treatment can improve renal function through stimulating the self-healing ability of injured kidney tissues, preventing inflammation and coagulation, providing nutrients and removing blood stasis. Once your renal function is improved, your symptoms such as proteinuria, hematuria and swelling, etc can all be relieved from the root.

As long as you find the right hospital and take correct treatments, it is possible for you to live a normal life with Purpura Nephritis. Good luck to you!

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